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Is this the legitimate Batushka Webstore?

Yes! We are the official Batushka Webstore, meaning that we have all the necessary permissions to sell and produce Batushka-related merchandise. We are a registered company under the VAT number: PL6422991855. We're operating from Opole, where we have an old cellar full of Batushka goodies that are and will be available in this store in the future.

Really? What about the old store at

The old store will be running until the end of August 2022. After that date, it will be permanently closed. We will stop accepting orders there in June 2022.

So you made a new store not to fulfill the pending orders from the old store?

No. We made the new store to fulfill all the orders. Both new and old. And to clear out any misunderstandings from the past. What's important is that we will be sending your orders daily so that you won't have to wait months for the delivery.

I'm still not convinced. I like Batushka, but their customer service is poor.

We will drastically improve the customer service starting from now. You can expect the postman with your new order any time soon.

Nah! You say that now, and you don't want to send a tracking number!

Each order made in the store or on the Bandcamp page will have its own distinct tracking number. Every time we fulfill the order you will get a tracking number of it. Please note that we have zero influence over the postal services and from the moment the parcel is given to the post it's beyond our control when it will arrive. As long as you have the tracking number you can check it out for yourself.

Why the sudden change?

It's not sudden. The band tours a lot and are not able to handle their store. Only a fully operational store and warehouse can handle this amount of shipping.

Ok, let's say I believe you. What about my old order? Will I ever get it?

Of course! You will either receive your order or will be compensated. We are currently in the process of looking into all the orders made in the old store. This means we're checking month per month orders that weren't sent are pending, and so on.

What if you skip my order? How can I be sure you'll get in touch with me?

The best way is to send one email per order to the following address: and attach the following:
  • write a topic, for example: "missing order no (add number here)"
  • attach the order confirmation
  • attach the payment confirmation
  • describe the nature of your problem

Alright, I'll give you one last chance. Don't f**k this up!

It's all we ask. We won't mess it up! Thank you for your patience and support. And again, apologies for all the inconvenience.

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